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BeInformed Presentations

Leadership Topics

Art of Listening

Avoiding Escapes

Best Practice Library

Business Communication – Emails

Business Ethics

Business Texts


Constructive Discipline

Creating a Positive Customer Experience (EdApp Course)

Creating a Positive Safety Culture

Creating and Updating Work Instructions

Cyber Security Awareness

Dealing with Difficult Customers (EdApp Course)

Dealing with Difficult People

Diversity and Inclusion (EdApp Course)

Don’t Assume

Effective Meetings

Emotional Intelligence Session 1

Emotional Intelligence Session 2

Emotional Intelligence Session 3

Escape Investigation

Evaluating Ergonomics

First 60 Minutes

Generational Diversity


Inspection Rates

Managing Risk

Motivating Employees

Pareto Charts

Personal Productivity (EdApp Course)

Plan Do Check Act Cycle

Problem Solving Tips

Professionalism for Leadership

Say What You Mean

Time Management – Email Inbox

Understanding Customer Needs

Wasted Motion – Work Area Set Up

Work Instruction Cover Sheet

Workplace Kindness

Writing a Better Work Instruction


Other Training Presentations

Annual Harassment Prevention for Leadership

Annual FMLA Policy Review for Leadership

Annual Fire Extinguisher Training for Leadership

Annual Workplace Violence Prevention – You Can Make a Difference for Leadership