This page offers information for each of our online applications.

Greenshades Online

Greenshades is an website that offers online pay stubs and W-2s and will be the primary source of Benchmark’s communication to you for the BenchNews, Employee Handbooks, etc. You can also create alerts for when items are added or changed, such as when your check stub is available. After creating an account with Greenshades, you have access to an archive of pay stubs to download and more. For more information and how to make an account, please click the link below.

Greenshades Employee Website

Greenshades Employee Setup Instructions

Apple Store: GreenEmployee App

Google Play Store: GreenEmployee App


Employee Portal

The Employee Portal gives you an easier way to submit your time, expenses, and requests for time off (RTO) to your respective office. You will also be able to keep a record of all past submissions and see the status of your time off request.  The portal is available for any device that operates a browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.). For directions on how to access your account and how to get on the Employee Portal, please click the link below. 

Employee Portal Website

Employee Portal Instructions


Be Recognized Program

Benchmark inspectors will have a way to celebrate a job well done with one another and give peer-to-peer recognition while supervisors will reward points to inspectors that meet or exceed expectations. Inspectors can spend those points to redeem items on our large online catalog. See below for more information.

BeRecognized Website

BeRecognized User Guides

Apple Store: 360 Recognition App

Google Play Store: 360 Recognition App


Using the 360 Recognition Phone App

YouTube Tutorial on using the 360 Recognition App