Job Title

  • Shift or Site Supervisor

Report To

  • Regional Manager

Skill Requirements

  • Reading
  • Math
  • Quality Control Experience
  • Computer skills
  • Forklift Operation

Preferred Experience

  • Manufacturing
  • Supervision

Physical Requirements

  • Able to stand for long periods of time and lift up to 40 lbs.


For assigned shift or site:

  • Provide excellent customer service
  • Collect new job information (BNC I 012)
  • Perform job set up activities
  • Supervise personnel and activities at job site(s)
  • Assure inspectors are trained, including safety requirements
  • Review and total shift documentation
  • Conduct Bench-Talk sessions
  • Maintain work areas
  • Provide reports to BNC management
  • Employee reviews
  • Purchase items as needed
  • All responsibilities of inspector (reference job description)
  • All responsibilities of shift leader (reference job description)
  • Site specific tasks as required


Provide excellent customer service to external and internal customers

  • Maintain a professional and positive attitude at all times
  • Respond to calls, emails and request in a timely manner. Meet all promised deadlines.
  • Develop good working relationships with customer contacts and team members
  • Determine preferences of customer contacts to provide perks
  • Ensure inspectors represent Benchmark in a professional and courteous manner

Collect new job information

  • Use new job information sheet (BNC F 018) to acquire necessary information
  • Submit information for data entry within four (4) business hours

Perform job set up activities

  • Determine tools, gages, equipment, work space, safety requirements necessary
  • Determine personnel needs and provide information to Office Administrator
  • Ensure work instruction are completed
  • Establish work flow
  • Assign inspectors to tasks
  • Inspect parts to verify job set-up
  • Train employees on BNC and customer procedures for each project
  • Meet with customer representative within 24 hours of the start of each new sort

Supervise personnel (inspectors and shift leaders) and activities at job site(s)

  • Travel to sort locations to oversee operations
  • Ensure that production requirements are met
  • Assume on-call responsibilities
  • Communicate with the customer regarding project status and change in criteria
  • Periodically review and verify instruction accuracy and revise as necessary
  • Periodically review sort techniques and work flow and revise as necessary
  • Use discipline system to document employee violations
  • Monitor employee performance
  • Sort parts to meet production requirements and supervisor sort hours target
  • Notify Operations Manager of quality issues and resort activities
  • Perform project audits
  • Assist in maintenance of BNC intranet (employees, customer satisfaction, training list, gauge log, etc.)

Assure inspectors are trained, including safety requirements

  • Verify inspector understanding of instructions
  • Ensure all safety requirements are followed

Review and total shift documentation

  • Double check accuracy and completeness of documentation
  • Total hours, parts sorted, parts rejected
  • Monitor inspection rates
  • Address any areas of concern with personnel

Maintain work areas

  • Ensure all work areas are kept clean and organized according to 5S and Safety standards
  • Ensure tools and equipment are available and in good working order

Conduct Bench-Talk sessions

  • Establish schedule to perform sessions at all locations of responsibility
  • Travel to sort locations to conduct sessions and provide reports on results

Provide reports to BNC management

  • Provide daily shift reports
  • Provide summary reports for new job start ups, ongoing projects, and others as required
  • Provide reports on staffing issues and concerns
  • Present reports in weekly operations meetings

Employee reviews

  • Conduct 40 hour, 60 day, and annual reviews
  • Establish training needs and plans

Purchase items needed

  • Purchases over $100.00 must be approved by Operations Manager
  • Use approved suppliers for purchases related to quality

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